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Éditions Pow Pow specializes in adult comics, exploring a wide range of themes ranging from autobiography to fiction, absurdity, and historically flavored narratives. It's quite a diverse universe that the company wanted to showcase by refreshing its image to make it more modern and appealing.

But how? Since the project's style hadn't been clearly defined at the outset, we first focused on redefining their brand identity. Drawing inspiration from existing assets, we were able to enhance and modernize the overall look while ensuring to preserve the original spirit and values of the company.


Spotlight on the artists

One of our main objectives was to showcase the work of the various artists represented by the publishing house. To achieve this, we designed custom profiles with an eclectic style for each of them. Serving as true showcases for the authors and illustrators, these profiles also serve a dual purpose, highlighting the communal and human aspect of the project that gave rise to Éditions Pow Pow.


A fully personalized experience

In order to make the user experience even more engaging, we have developed personalized product pages for each author. By allowing buyers to immerse themselves more concretely in the artists' universe through an immersive shopping experience, we contribute to strengthening a sense of connection and intimacy conducive to a better understanding of the art and a potential increase in sales.

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