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Förena: Cité thermale

FORENA’s new website is worthy of the innovative project that gave it birth. It aspires to be an experience unto itself, leading visitors through a relaxing saga that is one of a kind in Québec.

Let yourself be transported into the intoxicating world of FÖRENA


Content creation



Artistic direction


Video montage

UX design

UI design

Front end development

Back-end development

So that SKYSPA Group could present their new spa city in Saint-Bruno, we developed a mysterious website in support of an inspiring marketing campaign. The goal of the site, naturally, was to convert visitors to reserve a treatment or buy a gift card.

In order to optimize the process of purchasing gift cards and making reservations, we were also charged with developing a made-to-measure platform, using technology from Booker, which had been SKYSPA Group’s established partner for years. This allowed for an exponential increase in their online sales while maintaining the existing computer infrastructure.

Launch website

Create visual content

To support the various marketing campaigns and create personalized content for SKYSPA Group, we held numerous on-site photo and video shoots. With leadership on the artistic direction, we created a unified visual ecosystem both on the website and in the social and traditional media.


Promote transactions through dreams and inspiration

When the site went online, construction of the spa was not completed. We therefore chose an artistic direction focused on mystery and inspiration.

So we started with clean interfaces, accompanied with mist and various elements drawn from Scandinavian nature. This choice emphasized the voyage that FORENA’s clients would be embarking on rather than the facilities themselves.

The FORENA universe focuses on each pavilion in the spa city: Russia, Germany and Iceland. In these sections, users find breathtaking visuals and a video montage produced during content creation.

Optimized purchase and reservation experience

SKYSPA Group uses Booker technology not only as an internal management system but also for all their reservations and gift card orders. However, this third-party platform doesn’t offer a suitable user experience, and this was reflected in the numbers of reservations and gift card purchases before the update.

So we reimagined the process from A to Z, creating new interfaces that performed much better and were much more ergonomic than Booker’s basic interfaces. We also programmed a system to send data to Booker via its API in order to maintain SKYSPA Group’s management system infrastructure. Thus the client could minimize costs by keeping the existing system while significantly optimizing reservations and sales.

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