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Artika, a well-known Québec brand wishing to stand out from the competition in the field of lighting, approached us to create a new online business that reflected the prestige aspect of their products and optimized the purchase process.

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To help the client to achieve their new online sales objectives, we had to rework their whole platform. Our goal was to optimize the entire purchasing process for their clientele, so we developed a brand-new online sales site using Shopify technology and supported on Artika’s CRM.

Given Artika’s complex price structure and the fact that the site had to work for several countries, it was impossible to create it solely in one Shopify structure. The website itself is totally integrated into an external system, allowing for maximum flexibility when creating pages and content. The online order process is managed via Shopify’s back-end.

Launch website
Establish a clean, high-end artistic direction and design that reflect the look of Artika products. This vision puts the product in the foreground of every interface.

Optimization of the product catalogue

The Artika brand has hundreds of products, so job one for us during this refresh was to optimize the product catalogue in order to make it easier for consumers to discover and purchase the products they want. To do so, we totally rethought how to browse the catalogue and the system of filters, making it significantly easier to find product information.

We also reviewed all the product pages to maximize the conversion rate and to present all their magnificent products from their best angles.


Development of interactive lookbooks

While we had a mandate to focus on the product and make the user dream, we took the time to conceptualize unique ways to inspire consumers making renovation plans.

That’s where we came up with the concept of the lookbook, which has become an extremely versatile and practical tool for presenting various ranges of Artika products in concrete, real-life situations by using 3D models of multiple rooms in a house. From these lookbooks, the user can click on each product, find quick access to product information and add it to the shopping cart.

To simplify obtaining support and minimize the time required by Artika employees to manage each request, we also developed an expanded custom support section where customers can easily find the answers to their questions, order replacement parts and even watch online video tutorials about how to install their new products.

The new custom support section is where their clientele can easily find the answers to questions, order replacement parts, and even watch online video tutorials on how to install their new products.

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