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What if we took the challenge of taking a new path. More open. More true. More current than ever.

Make an impression by focusing on difference.

Académie des Sacrés-Cœurs
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Brand identity

User experience 

Content Creation

Interface design

Merchandise design

Front-end development

Back-end development

With the multitude of programs and concentrations offered in primary and secondary schools across the province, young people now have a plethora of choices when it comes to their educational journey. That's why the Académie des Sacrés-Cœurs and Collège Trinité enlisted our services to showcase their strengths through revamped websites aimed at increasing their visibility and, consequently, their enrollment rates.

Both schools, under the same governance, sought to unify their image to reflect a common and coherent identity. Quality education, a unique environment, and caring supervision were highlighted through a design aimed at emphasizing the human approach and the importance of nature at the core of the identity of these two establishments.

Launch website

The call of nature

Given that the connection with nature is a key element of the brand identity of both schools, we focused on integrating images and patterns inspired by nature in the design of the homepage and introductory page of both websites. We played with various graphic elements, such as tree growth rings, to convey the brand essence to visitors at first glance and thus create a lasting impression.


Simplification of Menus

Because a simple, intuitive, and attractive menu is always a guarantee of a pleasant and user-friendly experience, we completely redesigned those of the two websites. Navigation has been greatly streamlined to facilitate access to the most important information, and a few graphic elements have been incorporated to make the experience more engaging.


Product Design

To reinforce the sense of belonging among its students and to showcase its brand identity, the Academy also entrusted us with the task of creating new designs for its clothing and promotional items. The outcome: modern creations reflecting the spirit of the institution, aimed at deepening the connections among students, staff, and the surrounding community.

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